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If necessary, mix an appropriate amount of Miracle Glow Facial Oil our face mask for a better water-locking effect.



Pretti5 Hydro Recus Repairing Overnight Face Mask is recommended by Dr. K Kwong as the effective and high quality moisture mask. After a consecutive 1 month of testing, Pretti5’s Night Mask has been proven to protect the skin from sunlight and UV radiation by constantly keeping your skin hydrated. Attested by Dr K Kwong, Pretti5’s sleep mask effectively repairs and replenishes your skin overnight. All the natural nutrients and ingredients are absorbed perfectly throughout the night, allowing you to feel rejuvenated and revitalized on your skin without extra efforts.   The Night Mask has consistently passed the test and shown a sustainable effect of skin repairing and skin revitalization. 

“I could still feel the effect of the night mask  even 72 hours after applying it ” as told by Dr. K Kwong. Check out K Kwong’s 1-month experiment of testing the Pretti5 night mask and watch the Night Mask Interview with K Kwong now!


This ultra-moisturizing mask is dotted with cellulose for its hydrating and stabilizing properties. Massage on before bed for dewy, refreshed skin in the morning!


What is a night face mask?

Night face masks are also known as sleep masks or overnight masks. As you sleep, It could hydrate, moisturize and repair your skin to be more radiant, glowing and refreshing. 


Is it good to sleep with a night mask?

Yes. As skin reproduces at night, applying a night mask during the night could keep you moisturized and hydrated while  revitalizing and repairing your skin without extra efforts.  


Is a sleeping mask good for skin?

Yes. Sleeping masks have been proven for rejuvenating, vitalizing and glowing skin through hydration.


Which face mask is best for overnight?

Dr. K Kwong suggests Pretti5 Hydro-rescue Repairing Overnight Face Mask, an overnight mask designed for all skin types including oily, combo, dry, acne or sensitive skin.