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The exhibition of vulnerability is at the core of every artist's work. This is no different for seven time Grammy Award winner Billie Eilish. Beautifully up-close and personal on the 2023 Allure’s Best of Beauty cover, Eilish offers her ever-changing perspective on her personal growth and creative life. 


The success of her Grammy Award winning debut studio album WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? and her sophomore album Happier Than Ever has kept music lovers wondering what she’ll do next.

This idea of “next” is very prominent in our culture, overwhelming both creators and consumers navigating this growing landscape. Eilish’s emotional transparency is evident as she confides in Arabelle Sicardi.


“I’ve made enough people feel good that I deserve to feel good too.” *

* Original content courtesy of Allure online

Eilish’s sentimentally-toned ballads captivate universal emotions and outline her journey towards mental tranquility. Embracing full authenticity is a long-life journey.

Eilish emphasized the importance of cultivating a serene external environment to promote inner tranquility. And we can highly relate. It is important to us that we find ways to help achieve these feelings of light and refreshness through the products we create.

Billie’s Vegan Pretti5 Beauty Look

Our unique formulas, derived from plant extracts, provide nourishment and ample support for every lifestyle. They are 100% vegan and beautiful. Using an infusion of Eastern and Western practices, we formulate our products to provide gentle cleansing and deep nourishment to the skin while providing the natural glow seen above. 

* Original content courtesy of

Discover how to achieve this radiant glow using Makeup Artist Holly Sillius’s Pretti5 selection.

Billie Eilish Routine Set

Discover Billie's Vegan Beauty Glow with Pretti5! Shop the Billie Eilish Value Set and save 5% on retail price.


 Pretti5 Deep Cleansing Oil

Pretti5’s deep cleansing oil is perfect for daily cleansing and the gentle removal of long-wearing makeup. The hyaluronic acid derived from okra, and mandarin orange extract work to brighten and nourish the skin.




Pretti5 Hydrating Toning Essence

The Cosmopolitan Best of the Best Beauty Award winner primes the skin to retain deep moisture. Infused with Traditional Chinese Medical ingredients, the pore-refining toner provides an airy addition to your skincare routine. 




Pretti5 Advanced Hyaluronic Serum

This 2021 Elle Beauty Empties Award winner is perfect for sensitive and dry skin. The combination of hyaluronic acid, a potent formula of 12 precious botanicals, vitamin B3 and provitamin B5 help nourish, tighten and stabilize irritated skin. 




Pretti5 Advanced Radiance Eye Cream 

Pretti5’s transformative treatment targets puffiness and reduces signs of puffiness and reduces signs of aging like wrinkles and dark circles. Additionally, this formula inhibits the delayed damage and photo-aging caused by UV exposure. 




Pretti5 Miracle Glow Facial Oil

Pretti5’s formula effectively soothes irritation and delivers deep hydration. This all natural formula is suitable for all skin types including sensitive, eczema, acne-prone and mature skin. 




*Original content, pictures and videos courtesy of Allure online.

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