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Article: Traditional Chinese Medicine: Dr. Choi Tsz Ming Breaks it Down

Traditional Chinese Medicine: Dr. Choi Tsz Ming Breaks it Down

Traditional Chinese Medicine: Dr. Choi Tsz Ming Breaks it Down

Have you ever wondered the secret behind youthful, healthy skin? Not just on the face but the entire body.

Acclaimed Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner Dr. Choi Tsz Ming from the Chinese University of Hong Kong recently revealed in an interview that this might stem from the holistic difference between Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). However, Dr. Choi's journey into TCM was unexpected. Initially drawn to Chinese culture, it wasn’t until he witnessed acupuncture and massage effectively treating those around him that he became intrigued. After two years of studying TCM, he realized his passion for it would be lifelong.

"Chinese medicine focuses on balancing energy and the overall health of the body, while Western skincare is more about supplementing the skin with nutrients."

Dr. Choi explains this coherent approach involves balancing and nurturing bodily well-being before turning to surface-level solutions. Clearly, the secret to a healthy glow lies as deep as we've been led to believe.

Dr. Choi delves into the benefits and misconceptions of TCM, explaining the advanced diagnostic tools and herbal processes used for healthy, glowing skin. It’s about nurturing the face, mind, and body for overall wellness. Exploring history, he reveals how Emperors and Empresses utilized TCM-based skincare regimens. TCM’s connection to nature unveils the relationship between personal and environmental energies, balancing natural rhythms for holistic well-being. Let's now delve into the intricacies of TCM and what makes it unique.

Historical Connections between TCM and Beauty: Any Interesting Beauty Stories?

In the past, during various Chinese dynasties, when Emperors and Empresses faced skin problems, they didn't resort to makeup but used methods rooted in Chinese medicine, such as grinding herbs or preparing powders for application on the face. It's fascinating how these practices were discovered centuries ago when cosmetic markets weren't prevalent. TCM could be considered one of the earliest beauty regimens for the elite. For example, Empress Yang Gui Fei used Tremella or snow mushroom several thousand years ago, showcasing an early understanding of its benefits.

When consuming snow mushroom, modern Chinese medicine practitioners observe changes in the pulse. They notice that after consumption, there is an increase in nutrients moving upwards towards the face and lungs.

“Chinese medicine continually learns from our ancestors.” TCM utilizes ingredients based on the body's reactions to natural elements. Dr. Choi notes the effects of ginger, stating, “ginger's spiciness affects circulation, promoting more circulation in the head and the outside of our body. So when we consume ginger, we feel heat, happiness, and excitement as it redirects energy outward.”

What Role Does TCM Play in Nature?

Chinese medicine embodies living in harmony with nature, preserving its integrity without causing harm. This principle forms the bedrock of our philosophy. In Chinese medicine, we view the human body as a microcosm of the universe—both evolving and strengthening simultaneously. Just as the universe follows theories like the Big Bang Theory, our bodies undergo a similar journey. From our inception in the mother's womb, we resemble a universe in miniature, experiencing growth and development mirroring the universe's expansion. At birth, we emerge as balanced and healthy beings. However, throughout life, external influences can alter our inner essence and perspectives, reshaping our fundamental nature.

Exploring the connection between our bodies and the environment helps us understand how we can incorporate organic ingredients into our everyday routines to enhance the benefits of nature. Dr. Choi notes how TCM considers our relationship with the universe, even from our smallest form.

What Misunderstandings Exist about TCM?

The most common misunderstanding about Chinese medicine in Western countries is the association with grinding herbs using a mortar and pestle. While we maintain traditional aspects, we've also modernized. We have modern Chinese herbal powders and utilize advanced diagnostic tools similar to those used by Western doctors. TCM is highly advanced in terms of diagnostics, tools, medications, and processes like turbo extraction and nanotechnologies. It is efficient and modernized.

Dr. Choi emphasized that a holistic approach is key to achieving not only healthy skin but overall wellness. TCM focuses on finding the root cause within the individual, while Western medicine often addresses only surface-level symptoms. From Emperors and Empresses to modern medical idols, TCM's timeless efficacy is evident through its enduring effects on the body.

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