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Article: Pretti5 NYC Dinner Soirée Celebrating Beauty and Culture

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Pretti5 NYC Dinner Soirée Celebrating Beauty and Culture

Crowning the last day of New York Fashion Week, we held our first ever Dinner Soirée in the heart of SoHo at the Moxy Hotel. The intimate gathering of Beauty Editors and Influencers was an exciting start to introduce the brand to the New York scene, and aimed to initiate conversation around the product line and brand vision. The guests were welcomed by Dorothy Chau, Pretti5 Founder, as well as Sierra Simone, Celebrity Stylist and Creative who partnered us on creating a magical evening celebrating beauty, culture and life from East to the West at the elegant Sake No Hana restaurant.

Pretti5 Founder Dorothy ChauMarley Cohen and  Sade Mims

At the entrance of Moxy Hotel, guests were greeted with an enchanting display of Eastern botanicals and artworks, setting the tone for the evening's festivities. The table was covered with Pretti5 pink flower compositions, placing the beautifully packaged products as rich accents between the family style feast. Inside Sake No Hana, the interior was a blend of modern minimalism and traditional Eastern aesthetics, with dimmed lights casting a warm and intimate atmosphere. 

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Yaminah Mayo and Sade Mims 

As guests arrived, they could find their seats and plates topped with unique print cards showcasing the Hong Kong skyline, infused with some of the Pretti5 products. The favorite drink of the night was undoubtedly the pink cocktail served with rose decoration. The menu at Sake No Hana was a culinary journey through the flavors of Japan. Each course was a testament to the chef's skill and creativity. Sushi and sashimi plates were like works of art, combining vibrant colors and textures. 

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Trevor Swain Devine Blacksher and  Akili King

Among the guests were Akili King, Journalist and Senior Beauty Editor at ESSENCE Magazine who is also a columnist for The Cut and Vogue, and has a vibrant voice within the industry discussing  beauty and wellness with the goal uplift those who don’t often feel seen in the media. From the Essence Editor's team we also had Devine Blacksher joining, sitting among Mecca James-Williams, Editor & Stylist, as well as Samantha Mims, Skin Therapist and her twin sister Sade Mims, Founder of EDAS, an accessory brand for "The Eclectic Being". 

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Pretti5 Founder Dorothy Chau and  Sierra Simone

During the evening Sierra Simone introduced Pretti5 to the guests through a heartfelt toast, giving the word next to our Founder, Dorothy Chau who shared her perspective on the future of Pretti5 in the States. She draw a beautiful parallel between the diverse culture and lifestyle in Hong Kong and New York City, and highlighted some of the more practical factors too that affect our skin concerns regardless the continent, such as pollution, weather, stress and bad water quality. The speech uncovered once again what TCM stands for - Traditional Chinese Medicine - the ingredient that makes Pretti5 more powerful than any other solution. 

Marley Cohen and  Trevor Swain

We got the chance to meet Publicist Terry Long, Stylist and Art Director Marley Cohen, Casting Director Trevor Swain and Stylist Daniel Lee at the dinner table as well to gain an impression on beauty in the wider context of the industry. Tied closely to the fashion and editorial world, we philosophized about beauty standards and got to listen in to the perspectives of Allure Senior Fashion Editor Tchesmeni Leonard, as well as Freelance Editor Shelby Hyde and Writer Yaminah Mayo.

Terry Long Devine Blacksher and  Yaminah Mayo

As the night progressed, the conversation naturally flowed towards skincare and the importance of a radiant complexion in the world of beauty and fashion. Dorothy Chau, Pretti5 Founder, took this opportunity to introduce about some of her favorite products from our lineup, including the Hydro-Power Skin Brightening Cleanser.

Dorothy shared the inspiration behind this skin brightening cleanser. "In the fast-paced lifestyle of New York City, where energy is contagious and every moment counts, we realized the need for a skincare solution that not only cleanses in one step but also rejuvenates at the same time, giving your skin that luminous glow amidst the hustle that comes with the lifestyle." - something that we could all relate to especially during Fashion Week.

The Hydro-Power Skin Brightening Cleanser is not just a facial cleanser, it is a transformative experience. Enriched with traditional Chinese botanicals, this skin brightening cleanser takes the cake among skin brighteners as it gently purifies the skin, removing traces of pollution while infusing the skin with antioxidants. 

Try the Hydro-Power Skin Brightening Cleanser

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skincare routine for hyperpigmentation

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