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Article: Diarra and Madeleine's Twinning Inspiration: From Career to Skincare

Diarra and Madeleine's Twinning Inspiration: From Career to Skincare

Diarra and Madeleine's Twinning Inspiration: From Career to Skincare

"Confidence can’t only rely on the external but on your capabilities and to me that is when you truly mastered the definition of being confident."

Diarra and Madeleine, the dynamic Senegalese-American twin sisters hailing from the Bronx, New York, have carved a unique path in the world of fashion and entertainment. Their shared journey in the artistic field, along with their cultural background, has not only shaped their creative perspectives but also influenced their skincare routines. 

Join us as we delve into their captivating story, their take on confidence, and comprehensive skincare routines.

Diarra and Madeleine's background is deeply rooted in Senegalese heritage, while being raised in the heart of New York City. The invaluable lessons of resilience and consistency instilled by their parents have been instrumental in their artistic endeavors. These principles have guided them through the unpredictable and challenging terrain of the fashion and entertainment industry.
"Being twins in the artistic field is nothing short of a blessing. We never have to enter these new intimidating spaces alone." - Diarra shares.

Cultural Roots and Creative Expression
Before they began, Diarra mentioned that they were heavily enveloped into their studies and education, so the moment that they began to tap into creativity, they just never stopped. "It’s become our happiness and passion; our new language of expression."

Growing up in a traditional Senegalese household didn't leave much room for artistic expression. Their early years were dedicated to studies and education. However, once they tapped into their creativity, there was no looking back. Art and creativity became their language of expression, an outlet for conveying their deepest passions and emotions.
Confidence plays a pivotal role not just in skincare but in all aspects of life. For Madeleine, nurturing and watching confidence grow over time, even through its unexpected dips, is essential. "Confidence can’t only rely on the external but on your capabilities and to me that is when you truly mastered the definition of being confident." 

For Diarra on the other hand, she defines confidence as something similar to that of a seesaw. It’s nonlinear, non-conforming, and random. Skin health undeniably affects one's confidence, but it doesn't solely define it. Diarra shares her personal struggle with skin health and how it impacted her self-perception. Despite these challenges, she refused to let it dictate her confidence. Instead, she learned to adapt and manage her skin conditions to the best of her ability.


Diarra and Madeleine have distinctive skincare routines that cater to their individual needs. While their creative work is beautifully intertwined, self-care is independent.  Knowing their personal skin needs is important to creating routines that work for them.
Adapting skincare to artistic demands have been simple for Madeleine, "For me, when I’m stressed I try to take it easy with skincare. I’m not scared to skew away from my routine and settle for a gentle cleanser, light oil, and calling it a night." 
The twins' artistic lifestyle often involves phases of intense creativity and long working hours. During these demanding periods, they prioritize gentle, stress-free skincare routines to maintain healthy skin from free radicals. If overwhelmed, they keep it simple, understanding that their skin's health is paramount.

While they share an unmistakable creative synergy, their journey is a testament to the uniqueness of personal identity. As we got to know them better, it became evident that their individual skin care routines are as distinct as night and day. The striking difference between their creative harmony and various approaches to skincare challenges any preconceived ideas about twins. It provides a new outlook on how personal expression and self-care are connected.

Madeleine’s Favorite Pretti5 Formula:
“My favorite is the Advanced Hyaluronic Deep Cleansing Oil because it ensures that all the gunk is off my face without feeling stripped. I’ve been missing OUT!”

 Shop the Advanced Hyaluronic Deep Pore Cleansing Oil

Our unique formula harnesses the benefits of plant-based hyaluronic acid from okra and mandarin orange extract, renowned for its skin-brightening properties. Our pore cleansing oil is a vegan-friendly blend of precious botanicals effortlessly and efficiently removes makeup and impurities, leaving your skin deeply hydrated and radiantly translucent. Not only does our pore cleansing oil cleanse, but it also guards against glycation, a major contributor to premature aging, with the help of Pueraria Thunbergiana Root Extract, while Licorice Root Extract soothes irritation for all skin types.
Diarra’s Favorite Pretti5 Formula:
“My favorite has to be the Antioxidant Toner Hydrating Essence, because I tend to get so dry right after cleansing. The essence gives me back all the moisture I need right before starting my skincare routine!”

Shop the Purifying Hydrating Toning Essence
Our Antioxidant Toner Hydrating Essence is your go-to solution for combating post-cleansing dryness. This invigorating essence boasts a delightful, light, and airy scent, providing a pore-refining and pH-balancing experience infused with the benefits of provitamin B5 and Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide. Enriched with the goodness of Traditional Chinese medicinal ingredients like Goldflower Root and Snow Mushroom extracts, combined with the soothing properties of aloe vera, our antioxidant toner delivers deep-seated hydration for all skin types. Elevate your skincare regimen by harnessing the enhanced penetration and hydration activation brought to you by this exceptional toning essence.
Madeleine shares a unique cultural skincare practice from her background—a special net rag/sponge used for washing the body. This traditional tool, unlike a typical loofah, lathers soap effectively and provides gentle exfoliation. It's a cherished part of her skincare routine, leaving her skin feeling soft and clean.

"This being said, I did not yet stumble upon an ingredient that has proven beneficial for me but I do have good faith in TCM and can’t wait to find my favorite products that suit my skin type when that does happen."

For the twins, cruelty-free and vegan aspects are paramount when choosing skincare and beauty products. They are drawn to products that align with their values, making them even more inclined to select them. 

"When choosing skincare products I always try to shop as clean as possible and be more aware of what it is I am applying to and into my body." Madeleine shared.
Navigating the Concrete Jungle for Ethical Skincare
 Finding ethical skincare products that cater to their skin's needs in the urban landscape of New York City can be challenging. Diarra and Madeleine rely heavily on reviews and research to discover products that suit their skin types. They understand the importance of being discerning consumers in a world where skincare choices can significantly impact both their health and the environment. Madeleine stated,  "Finding a really good product that my skin LOVES is really hard for me. I feel like it’s always changing or like my hair, always holding a mind of its own." 

Diarra and Madeleine's journey as twins in the artistic realm is a testament to their resilience and shared passion. Their skincare routines reflect their commitment to self-care and self-expression. As they continue to inspire us with their creative endeavors, they also remind us of the significance of confidence, individuality, and ethical choices in both skincare and life.

Take the next step to your skincare routine and BUY our Advanced Deep Cleansing Pore Oil and Antioxidant Hydrating Toning Essence for enhanced skincare that radiates inside out!

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