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Article: #Pretti5Review by Caitlin: Nurturing Beauty Inside and Out

#Pretti5Review by Caitlin: Nurturing Beauty Inside and Out

#Pretti5Review by Caitlin: Nurturing Beauty Inside and Out

“Skincare is a form of watering your own garden and is an investment in yourself”

As a veteran of the luxury hospitality industry, Caitlin Klein understands the importance of preparation and routine when it comes to beauty. While working at a popular hotel for Met Gala attendees in New York City, she was inspired by the intensive skincare regimens of celebrities that began weeks before the actual event. Now a Content Creator, Caitlin focuses on maintaining a beauty routine that nurtures one’s beauty over time instead of making quick fixes.


Observing Rituals of Self-Care

Growing up in foster care, Caitlin never got to know her Mexican heritage or where she came from. However, her foster mother inspired her to feel confident in herself by modeling self-care. From her skincare to her nails or hair, she never fell short on her beauty routine. Caitlin shared, “she taught me to embrace my natural and unique beauty.”

Beauty routines can seem daunting to newcomers, but Caitlin simplifies the task into easily attainable goals that anyone can reach. “I believe by making small choices every day such as staying hydrated, doing your skincare, or working out, you can feel more confident in yourself, and your beauty will shine from the inside out!”

Using Skincare to Build Confidence

While many focus on the surface-level benefits of skincare, Caitlin dives deeper into the effects of taking care of one’s skin. “I believe beauty products should be used to enhance your natural beauty, as a tool to become the best version of yourself,” she reflects. “I am also currently learning that true beauty starts on the inside. What could be more beautiful than a grateful and kind heart?”

Finding the Right Products

To look and feel her best, Caitlin uses products that contain mushrooms, ginseng, or seaweed to target concerns like dullness and sun damage. “I like trying products that contain natural ingredients and are affordable” she noted, “I’m also a minimalist when it comes to my beauty routine. I like a routine that uses as few steps as possible – to me, less is always more.”

However, as a content creator and influencer, Caitlin also acknowledged how she wants to collaborate with brands that align with her personal message of positivity. Eco-friendly skincare brands and cruelty-free skincare are growing more common within the beauty industry, but Caitlin wants to see more brands donating to non-profit organisations and making a positive impact on the world.

Favorite Product

Amongst the range of Pretti5 products, Caitlin gravitates towards the Purifying Hydrating Toning Essence, “it shrinks my pores without drying out my skin.” This formula utilizes Goldflower Root and Snow Mushroom extracts, which are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, to deliver hydration deep into the skin.

This pore-refining toner is gentle yet effective, using a soft and water-like texture that is suitable for all skin types – perfect for a minimalist beauty routine. All-natural, anti-inflammatory, and non-comedogenic, this product leaves the skin “glowing and feeling super refreshed!”


Want to achieve a similar radiant complexion like Caitlin? Explore Pretti5's collection of TCM-infused skincare products, designed to promote healthy, balanced skin! From nourishing serums to hydrating masks, Pretti5 offers a holistic approach to beauty that works with your skin's natural harmony. Visit their website today and discover the power of ancient wisdom for your modern skincare routine!

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