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Article: #Pretti5Review by Kelsey-Ann: Reconnect with your Inner Child

#Pretti5Review by Kelsey-Ann: Reconnect with your Inner Child

#Pretti5Review by Kelsey-Ann: Reconnect with your Inner Child

"I think curiosity is courage, and courage is confidence."

We uncover her unique insights as Kelsey walks us through her artistic evolution and thoughts on confidence, sustainability, and the fusion of art and technology. Take a peek into her creative journey with this conversation that beautifully complements her review.



Nature's Playground and Shaping Perspectives
"I was exposed to nature in such a prominent way throughout my life that it's almost down to a molecular level. It's influenced all my design choices."
Kelsey's early years in rural Michigan laid the foundation for her artistic journey. Surrounded by serene woods, her days were immersed in the wonders of nature, shaping her unique perspective and artistic creations. Moving to Chicago and New York later on further enriched her creative palette. 


With her move to Barcelona looming on the horizon, Kelsey sees her next artistic frontier in a new environment outside of the US. 




Her fascination with fashion started during her formative years and it led her on a transformative journey. Hand-me-down clothing became her canvas and she utilized the art of draping to further craft imaginative clothing directly on her body and later on tailoring mannequins . Her work is  homage to her inner child, suppressed by life's challenges yet daring to explore the uncharted.
"I can't imagine going throughout life without wondering, ‘what is my capacity?’ 

Precision and Perfection, Green by Design, and The Art of Consistency


"My skincare routine is like my get-up-and-go; it's my coffee in the morning."

Beyond her art, Kelsey's penchant for precision extends to her daily routines–her skincare regimen being one of them. Consistency in her routine is key and as crucial to her as the precision required when it comes to her work. Her commitment to self-care is evident in her careful selection of natural and eco-friendly skincare products like shea butter, coconut oil, and other raw materials. This practice highlights her dedication both to her personal well-being and environmental sustainability. Kelsey considers her routine as a cherished ritual that provides the perfect start to her day and something that gives her a sense of empowerment.

Influence and Inspiration 
Kelsey draws inspiration from traditional Chinese medicine and diverse natural remedies shared by her friends worldwide. She finds herself deeply inspired by Eastern creativity where artists and designers  fearlessly push the boundaries of innovation..


"I think you have these beautiful and thoughtfully detail-oriented pieces of art coming out of Eastern artists... who are not afraid to push boundaries."

Kelsey anticipates that technology, particularly AI, will propel artists to explore the boundaries of their imagination. She envisions a future where AI serves as a catalyst for artists to expand their creative horizons. The synergy of art and technology opens up exciting new avenues for creativity, driving artists to embark on uncharted territories.



"I genuinely believe that AI is going to push people to want to understand their full capacity with their own hands through deepening the imaginative space that AI provides.

Her favorite Pretti5 combo: Miracle Glow Oil and the Night Mask

Miracle Glow Facial Oil


“My favorite Botanic Pretti5 products are the Miracle Glow Facial Oil and Hydro-Rescue Repairing Night Mask! Before bed, I combine both the glow oil and night mask as part of my routine. From the moment I put both products on, I see a difference in the fine lines that have naturally appeared by the end of the day. In the mornings, I wake up with radiant and deeply hydrated skin.


Individually, what I love about the Miracle Glow Facial Oil is its long-lasting hydration. I use this product in the morning and before bed. A big perk is that it does not make the hair around my face oily, it is quickly absorbed into dry hair and then nourishes and repairs.


Hydro-Rescue Repairing Night Mask 


What I love most about Hydro-Rescue Repairing Night Mask is the smell; it smells exactly like the ingredients in it. I would consider myself to have sensitive skin, but I haven't had any issues with any of the Pretti5 products which I believe is a tribute to the natural ingredients. 10 out of 10 must-have.”


Kelsey's unique perspective on creativity, sustainability, and innovation provides a profound insight into the tapestry of her experiences and influences. Her journey serves as an inspiring reminder that the inner child, when nurtured, can lead to astonishing heights of creativity.

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