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Article: #Pretti5Review by Miho: East-meets-West Life Journey

#Pretti5Review by Miho: East-meets-West Life Journey

#Pretti5Review by Miho: East-meets-West Life Journey

"It’s easy to hide behind makeup or filters, but if I can let my true self shine through, figuratively and literally.”
Miho Saito grew up straddling the lines of Japanese and American culture — her parents are both from Japan and she was born in Torrance, California. 
Before landing in her acting career, she used to work closely with farms and the food industry, and was a vagabond for a short stint. “Being bicultural and seeing so many different ways of living was the recipe to becoming a storyteller to my already artistic impulses,” she reflected on her East-meets-West life journey. 

As an actor, you hear more no’s than yes’es, which challenges you to love and accept yourself exactly as you are. “To me, it really starts with my skin,” said Miho.  One of the self care rituals she holds important, is a solid skin care routine. 

Wearing zero sunscreen when she was younger left Miho with sun spots and freckles. "Note to everyone! WEAR SUNSCREEN!” She emphasized. So it has become a priority when she seeks out skincare products, and other than that, hydration and protection have also been deemed of importance. “I like products that use TCM or asian ingredients because I’m more familiar with them.” 

When talking about her background, Miho recalls the times when she went to Japan and learned more about the culture and the land that was once home to her parents. “One of the things I loved about visiting Japan when I was young was seeing the almost perfectionist way of craftsmanship. It taught me that mastery comes from repetition and enjoying the journey.” 

In the world of beauty influencers, there's often a strong emphasis on trying new products. When Miho decides which skincare products fit into her beauty vision and are worth recommending to her followers, she insists on a minimalist approach, and likes to use products that are effective, eco-friendly, and from the earth, align with Pretti5’s brand ideologies — vegan, cruelty-free, protective of the environment we are all living in. 

“I always look at a company’s sustainable practice when I choose a product because I believe how we use our dollar should be aligned with our personal values,” said Miho. “I do my best to live a low carbon footprint life so the ability to reuse and recycle is a must! My hope for other companies is that we all take responsibility for protecting the planet we live on and using our creativity to do so.” 


As a user of the popular beauty tool, Gua Sha, Miho’s favorite Pretti5 formula is the Miracle Glow Facial Oil

"I Gua Sha or massage my face every night to release any tension from the day and I love that there is a beautiful slip to the formula.” Enriched with Jojoba Oil, Lavender Oil, Ginger, and Rosemary, the facial oil not only restores a botanical, youthful glow but also soothes the skin and the nerves with a refreshing, natural aroma. “The scent of the essential oil is subtle and is a relaxing finishing touch to the end of my night.” 

Pairing the Miracle Glow Facial Oil with our Peony+ Hyaluronic Brightening Serum creates a powerful skincare duo. Our serum is expertly formulated to combat hyperpigmentation and melasma while deeply hydrating and soothing the skin. With a potent blend of Japanese quasi-drugs and botanical extracts, including tranexamic acid and peony root extract, our serum delivers visible results in just two weeks. Experience radiant, nourished skin with our transformative skincare regimen.

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